The 1-st EMT Annual Monitoring Visit to the Russian - Armenian (Slavonic) University

The EMT 1-st  annual monitoring visit to the RAU took place on 13, February, 2015  at 11:00 at the Department of Informational Technologies of the RAU. Mr.Arayik Navoyan, Project Coordinator, UFAR Vice-Rector and Ms. Lilith Badeyan, PA to the Project Coordinator, were welcomed by Mr. Vladimir Yeghiazaryan (Dean, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic)  University, Mr. Harutyun Gasparyan (Head of Informational Technologies Department of RAU), Ms. Irina Melkonyan (Personal assistant to the Dean), Ms. Larisa Avetisyan (QA member),Ms. Marina Khachatryan (QA member).
At the beginning of the monitoring meeting Mr.Navoyan, the Project Coordinator, represented the agenda of the meeting and asked the representatives from the RAU to synopsize the stage of activities carried out within the framework of the project, as well as to direct any inquiries, recommendations or suggestions concerning the project management to the EMT from the perspective of the University. Mr.Navoyan informed  that the EMT would send the Concept Paper soon; as it was being developed by the  European experts, working at the elaboration of the best practice. Based on the existing gaps, the negotiations with the ANQA would be maintained, which would facilitate the pilot accreditation process.
The Institutional Infrastructure, the basic background of the students, educational policies, Quality Assurance department were represented, and the importance of the RAU participation in the project was emphasized, within the project many reports and questionnaires were completed and sent to the EMT. Fact- finding analysis and the feedback to project deliverables were discussed; considerable work was done to reveal the existing gaps and challenges, while analyzing the logic of the reports of the fact-finding analysis.
At the end of the meeting the dates of the workshops were informed to the participants of the meeting and the clarification of staff costs was done to the  RAU representatives, as well as the details of  possible audit  visits were informed.