The 1-st EMT Annual Monitoring Visit to the  American University of Armenia

The annual monitoring visit to the AUA took place on 13 February, 2015, in room 233W in the Paramaz Avedisian Buildin of the University. Mr. Arayik Navoyan, Project Coordinator, UFAR Vice-Rector and Ms. Lilith Badeyan, PA to the Project Coordinator, as well as Ms. Edith Soghomonyan and Ms. Ani Torosyan, the representatives of National Erasmus+ Office, Mr. Sasunik Melikyan (Head of Higher Education Coordination and Organization Division, Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education Department at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia) were welcomed by the AUA representatives; Ms. Sharistan Melkonian (Director of Accreditation) and Ms. Catherine Buon (Associate Dean for General Education).

At the beginning of the monitoring meeting Mr.Navoyan, the Project Coordinator, represented the agenda of the meeting and asked the representatives from the AUA to synopsize the stage of activities carried out within the framework of the project, as well as to direct any inquiries, recommendations or suggestions concerning the project management from the perspective of the American University in Armenia. As a Grant holder, the project coordinator suggested organizing  a general workshop with all the TNE providers in Armenia.

The project tools and project objectives, finalization of the “Concept paper” and the “Tool kit”, the fact-finding analysis were discussed during the meeting. The project–related information and documentation were characterized as significant for the activities of the AUA Quality Assurance department. The TNE was characterized with unique features; hence, the TNE accreditation was suggested to be done within separate Guidelines.

Mr. Sasunik Melikyan  agreed that the MoES would accept a good suggestion on TNE accreditation from the project, he also suggested that the MoES could make separate solutions for TNE institutions, since it’s impossible to apply the same standards at all the Universities. Mr. Melikyan emphasized the role of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RA in the organization of the National Workshop on the TNE, driven to the introduction of the project results to all TNE providing Institutions in Armenia.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Navoyan explained that all the terminology would be clarified in “Tool Kit”, the participants were notified about the dates of the upcoming workshops and were informed about the possible audit visit.