The 1-st EMT Annual Monitoring Visit to the "Education Quality"

The 1-st EMT annual monitoring visit to the “Education Quality” took place on 12 February, 2015 at 16:30 at the office of the organization. Mr. Arayik Navoyan, Project Coordinator, UFAR Vice-Rector and Ms. Lilith Badeyan, PA to the Project Coordinator, as well as Ms. Edith Soghomonyan and Ms. Ani Torosyan, the representatives of National Erasmus+ Office were welcomed by the EQ team members; Hrayr Ohanyan (Head of Education Quality), Ms. Yelena Baytalyan (Specialist from EQ), Ms Ruzan Minasyan (Specialist from EQ), Ms. Armenuhi Snkhchyan (Specialist from EQ).
At the beginning of the monitoring meeting Mr.Navoyan, represented the agenda of the meeting and asked the representatives from the EQ to synopsize the stage of activities carried out within the framework of the project, as well as to direct any inquiries, recommendations or suggestions concerning the project management from the perspective of the “Education Quality”. Mr .Navoyan informed about the dates of the upcoming workshops foreseen by the project, he also informed about the upcoming visit of the audit officials to the partner organizations, during which the payslips, originals or copies of the documents, might be demanded.
The EQ infrastructure was represented by the head of the “EQ”, the principle of the staff cost rates was explained to the EMT. The EQ primary activities, related to the project objectives, were discussed, given the expert feedback to the project products/deliverables and the dissemination of the information on the project to the society through the web site or through other activities such as workshops, trainings, etc. The TNE was characterized as unique in its nature, the TNE QA mechanisms were recommended to be developed taking into consideration the peculiarities of home and host countries of the TNE providing Institutions.