To ensure an effective and successful achievement of the project, UFAR as the coordinator of the TEMPUS project has come up with an accurate and well-thought-through management approach, which envisions all-participatory approach on the part of all consortium members. Thus, a four-tier approach to management is undertaken: project level, partner country level, and institutional level and WP level. At project level, two main bodies are established: decision-making body in the face of Project Governing Board (PGB) and an Executive Management Team (EMT).

  • The PGB meets on a regular basis when strategic decisions are taken. First PGB meeting took place during the Kick-off meeting at UFAR, on February 20-21, 2014, Yerevan, Armenia during which, among other things, the approaches to management were discussed and launched.
  • The EMT is working on daily basis to ensure an accurate and timely implementation of project activities. EMT takes care of keeping daily records, bookkeeping, accountancy and overall track records of al the activities.

At PC level, both Armenia and Georgia established National Management Teams (NMTs) to coordinate the project activities at national level. The NMTs meet monthly to discuss project implementation. NMTs work in close cooperation with EMT. Afterwards, each HEI established its own Institutional Team (IT) of two or three to run the project at institutional level and ensure timely and effective achievement of project objectives.

At WP level (Work Package), each WP is assigned a leader or two; the leaders of WP develop consolidated work-plans along with the EMT and after the approval by the PGB the lead partners take care of the timely implementation of the plan and produce a report on its achievements.

In its turn, the EMT regularly monitors the project implementation by visiting partner universities both in Georgia and Armenia.

Five coordination meetings are envisioned throughout the project implementation to ensure the partners get together to share the experiences and receive the necessary feedback and recommendations. The first coordination meeting is foreseen in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 29 October, 2014.  


TNE_QA Executive Management Team (EMT)

Arayik NAVOYAN - Project coordinator from UFAR

Susanna KARAKHANYAN-Expert from ANQA

Vagharshak Meyroyan -Administrative and Financial Director from UFAR

Yelena Baytalyan - Assistant

Aida Ter-Ghazaryan / Lilit Badeyan - Assistant